English Learners and Distance Learning

  • Create an Optimal Learning Environment

    • A shared family space so that you are accessible to check in, monitor progress, and assist/support.
    • Learning Zone: family agreement that the space is a “learning” space and learning expectations apply (no television or distractions, minimize outside noise, avoid a child’s bedroom)
    • Resources/materials accessible (i.e., markers, paper, rulers, etc.) for your child to be successful with their activities. Plan ahead and review due dates to have materials ready. 
    • Helpful to have a desk/table and appropriate seating that allows your child(ren) to be comfortable when learning.

    Establish Routines and Learning Expectations

    • Start and finish each day with a simple check-in with your child(ren)
    • Check in with their virtual learning platforms to find any updates for the day
    • Set regular hours for learning
    • Write down a schedule for each child (or if appropriate, have your child create a schedule) with built-in breaks for snacks, outdoor movement/ exercise and playtime
    • Maintain regular sleep routines and wake times

    Support Learning

    • Monitor Distance Learning collaborative projects for/with your child(ren) to enhance the experience for your child(ren)
    • Encourage your child(ren) to join their teacher's office hours as a chance to clarify questions they may have about assignments
    • Ask your child(ren) about their assignments and what they are completing each day

    Create a Support Network

    • Who in the neighborhood is really "tech savvy" and willing to help teach others how to use the online tools?
    • How might older siblings and students be able to support the learning of younger children?
    • In what ways can neighbors and friendship groups share technology tools?
  • What are Virtual Office Hours?

    Your child's teacher will set aside a period of time each day for "Office Hours." This might be an hour in the morning or afternoon or might be scheduled in two separate half-hour sessions. Office Hours are blocks of time where the teacher is available to answer questions you or your child have about the week's lessons. The teacher will not be providing new learning during Office Hours. Some teachers will hold their Office Hours via Zoom, while others will use email to manage their Office Hours. During this time, you can email the teacher a question and expect to hear back within the same block of time. You may also email the teacher with questions outside of the Office Hours window.