Welcome to Your Health Office!
    Solana Beach School District is committed to providing a healthy environment to promote exceptional learning in our schools.  Your health office staff is always available to provide the best health care while your children are at school.  Please ensure that you keep your health office informed of any updates or changes to your child's health status so that we can ensure all of their healthcare needs are met while at school.
    Illness Policy
    The SBSD staff wish to keep all children healthy by preventing the spread of illness among our children.  For the protection of your child as well as their classmates, please keep your child home and notify the school if there is evidence of any of the following:
    • Fever (until fever free without medication for 24 hours)
    • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
    • Rash, unless known to be allergic
    • Itchy, red eyes
    • Known communicable illness (i.e.-Strep throat, chickenpox, scabies, whooping cough, etc)
    Health Office Staff
    District Nurse
                 Names                                   Email                                     Contact Number                Sites
       Renee Woodworth, RN              reneewoodworth@sbsd.net                (619) 992-7472          SV, SSF, Sky, Preschool
       Kelly Bandak, RN                        kellybandak@sbsd.net                            (760) 845-7491            SR, SH, CC, SP
    Health Clerks
    Names                                  Locations                                    Email                                           Contact Number
    Kathy Cimo, RN                   Solana Santa Fe                        kathycimo@sbsd.net                     (858) 794-4700
                                                      Carmel Creek                                                                                               (858) 794-4455
    Leslie Gish, LVN                   Solana Vista                              lesliegish@sbsd.net                          (858) 794-3700
                                                      Skyline                                                                                                        (858) 794-3600
    Julie Paris, CNA                    Solana Ranch                          julie paris@sbsd.net                          (858) 350-6655
    Patti Petranoff                      Solana Pacific                          patriciapetranoff@sbsd.net            (858) 794-4555
    Mireya Pope                         Solana Highlands                     mireyapope@sbsd.net                     (858) 794-4355