• English Learners

    The goal of the Solana Beach School District English Learner Program is to develop English language literacy in each English Learner (EL) as effectively and rapidly as possible so students experience academic success comparable to native English speakers. The district recognizes this goal can be accomplished through programs that are standards-based, rigorous, and well-designed so students can access the entire curriculum while acquiring English.

    To achieve this goal, Solana Beach School District:

    • Provides all students with the opportunity to participate in high quality curricular activities that address academic standards
    • Offers programs based on student need and sound educational pedagogy
    • Provides for and honor parent options
    • Provides high quality staff development
    • Embraces parent involvement in the educational process
    • Monitors the effectiveness of the English learner program on an ongoing basis

    The Solana Beach School District is committed to developing English Learners’ academic proficiency in English, academic achievement at parity with native English speakers, a positive self-image, and reclassification to Fluent English Proficient as well as developing in all students an appreciation of the cultural and linguistic diversity English Learners bring to the district community.