• Solana Beach School District participates in state and federal programs that provide additional support for students. This web page contains materials related to those programs.

    English Learner Support Services
    Students learning English as a second language receive support for English Language Development from their classroom teachers and from ELD support teachers and assistants. The district receives state and federal funds specifically for use in support of English Learner students.
    District's EL MASTER PLAN
    LEA (Local Educational Agency) Plan 
    All school districts in California that receive funds under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 must have an approved LEA plan. These are federal Title I, Title II and Title III funds. The funds support programs for economically disadvantaged students and English learner students, and also support professional development programs. Use the link below to view the Solana Beach School District LEA Plan.
     Supplemental CDE Information: