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    Global Education


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    Global Education Pre-Registration Update

    Check "Registration Information" for the pre-registration deadline to apply for Global Education. The pre-registration form is available in the Skyline office. Please see the "Registration Information" tab to get the link for the informational. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Estela Leidy at estelaleidy@sbsd.net


    Actualización de Preinscripción de Educación Global

    Consulte "información sobre inscripciones" para la fecha límite de preinscripción para solicitar al programa de Educacíon Global. El formulario de preinscripción en la oficina de Skyline. El formulario de preinscripcion completado debe ser entregada a la oficina de la escuela. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre el proceso de solicitud, póngase en contacto con Estela Leidy en estelaleidy@sbsd.net.

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    We believe that...

    • Learning is developmental. Therefore, students should receive instruction within their zone of proximal development (regardless of grade level).
    • Learning should be collaborative
    • Assessment should be authentic
    • Learning should be child-centered
    • Students should be able to work independently and cooperatively
    • We are all (teachers, students and parents) responsible for working together to build a true sense of community
    • There should be cross-age learning in multi-age environments
    • Students work best in a non-graded and ungraded environment
    • Learning should involve hands-on, project-based, integrated and thematic learning
    • Students are most successful when there is parent involvement
    • Teachers should use a variety of resources
    • The learning community should value: problem-solving, creativity, reflection, risk-taking and student voice & choice
    • Students should view themselves as active members of the global community.
    • An emphasis on empathy and perspective-taking is an essential component of a child’s learning.





  • “Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings, who are able out of their own initiative to impart purpose and direction to their lives.”

    Rudolf Steiner