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    Global Education


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  •  Pharaoh'sBall student pretending to joust on a pretend horse during the medieval fair 

    Picture of Global Ed Mission Statement

     Students canoeing down the Grand Canyon
    students dressed as Sumerians at the Sumerian trade fair
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  • We believe that...

    • Learning is developmental. Therefore, students should receive instruction within their zone of proximal development (regardless of grade level).
    • Learning should be collaborative
    • Assessment should be authentic
    • Learning should be child-centered
    • Students should be able to work independently and cooperatively
    • We are all (teachers, students and parents) responsible for working together to build a true sense of community
    • There should be cross-age learning in multi-age environments
    • Students work best in a non-graded and ungraded environment
    • Learning should involve hands-on, project-based, integrated and thematic learning
    • Students are most successful when there is parent involvement
    • Teachers should use a variety of resources
    • The learning community should value: problem-solving, creativity, reflection, risk-taking and student voice & choice
    • Students should view themselves as active members of the global community.
    • An emphasis on empathy and perspective-taking is an essential component of a child’s learning.





  • “Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings, who are able out of their own initiative to impart purpose and direction to their lives.”

    Rudolf Steiner