• Purpose of the Solana Beach School District Library Media Program

    Solana Beach School District Libraries / Media Centers exist to support the actualization of the SBSD Mission and Vision, District Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) Goals, School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) goals, and implementation of the Model School Library Standards for California Public Schools (Appendix A). Additionally, Library and Media Center resources and lessons augment the teaching of California Common Core State Standards across all content areas.

    Each campus Site Administrator(s), Curriculum Resource Teacher, classroom teachers, and staff work together to flexibly use the Library and Media Center’s resources to promote information literacy as students are guided to access, synthesize, produce and communicate information. Library Media Programs aid in providing opportunities for students to think critically and flourish in a learning community.

    School Library and Media Center Collections

    SBSD libraries provide print and digital resources for a broad range of reading levels and interests. We are committed to offering materials that reflect and expand the cultural diversity of our local and global community. Appropriate to the grade levels encompassed at a particular campus, titles are selected to be in alignment with curriculum content and library standards, and also are geared to stimulating students’ selections for recreational reading and pursuing individual interests.

    Please click here to access the SBSD Selection and Reconsideration Guidelines for School Libraries

    Spanish Translation: Plan de selección, reevaluación y mantenimiento para bibliotecas escolares del Distrito Escolar de Solana Beach