About Our Department

  • Solana Beach School District takes great pride in its school facilities, and we are committed to keeping all facilities safe, clean and modern. Solana Beach School District, established in the 1930s, built its first school on the Central School site, a one-room schoolhouse on approximately five acres. Central School is now home to our District Office and Child Development Center on North Rios in Old Solana Beach. 

    The District comprises approximately 20.4 square miles. It is bound on the west by the Pacific Ocean; on the north by Cardiff and Encinitas; on the east by Rancho Santa Fe, Escondido and Poway; and on the south by Del Mar. Click here to to access the street listing of school assignments.

    Solana Beach School District has established a standards baseline of furniture and equipment that is provided for each classroom and school facility. These standards include high-quality flooring, tackable wall surfaces, built in teaching walls and whiteboards, as well as an electrical and network infrastructure that will carry us into the future. We will continue to design and build schools with stimulating environments, in which students find success, reinforcement, and encouragement while learning.

    Facilities and General Obligation (GO) Bond Information - Measure JJ

    If you are a contractor, click here to Submit a PreQualification Application. All Contractors must be prequaified to be eligible for bid awards and contracts with the district.

A Bird's-Eye View of Our Schools