•  Vicki King Face Photo

      Vicki King, Esquire, Member
      (term runs until November 2018)
      City of San Diego Liaison
     (858) 794-3746, E-mail
    Rich Leib Face Photo
    Richard H. Leib, Esquire, Member
     (term runs until November 2020)
     City of Solana Beach Liaison, North City West Facilities Financing Authority (JPA)
     (858) 794-3747, E-mail
      Holly Lewry Face Photo   
     Holly Lewry, Clerk
      (term runs until November 2018)
      City of Solana Beach Liaison, NCCSE Representative
      (858) 794-3748, E-mail
    Debra Schade Face Photo
      Debra H. Schade, Ph.D., President
      (term runs until November 2018)
    Legislative Action Network Committee Member
      (858) 794-3749, E-mail 

    Julie Union Face Photo
       Julie Union, Vice President  
       (term runs until November 2020) 
    City of San Diego Liaison, Legislative Action Network Committee Member   
       (858) 794-3745, E-mail