• Welcome to the Solana Beach School District
    Instructional Services Department!

    Two hands holding a green and blue globe and the Solana Beach School District Instructional Services Department theme - (hashtag) Challenge, Engage, Empower

    The purpose of this department is to provide leadership and support to further student learning and well-being. In service of our mission statement, our team collaborates with principals, teachers, staff, families, and other departments to ensure that each and every student is nurtured, challenged, and given the opportunity to meet his or her potential on a daily basis. Our responsibilities and priorities include:

    • Data and assessment analysis to support student growth
    • Professional learning around evidence-based instructional strategies
    • Curriculum and instructional resources to support teaching and learning
    • Innovative practices to promote student problem solving, creativity, and inquiry

    Our theme “Challenge, Engage, Empower” shows our dedication to continuing our work around student engagement. We work to refine the opportunities we design for students to challenge and empower them as citizens. As a District, we strive to challenge students, engage students, and empower students.

  • Mission Statement

    The Solana Beach School District Mission is to provide a child-centered education of the highest quality, using the unique vision and resources of home, school, and community to ensure a stable and vibrant learning environment rigorous in academic standards, rich in diversity, sensitive to individual needs, and committed to developing compassionate children who are confident, competent, and creative learners.