Solana Beach School District is Common Sense District. Every student in the district will become a responsible digital citizen who knows how to use technology safely, effectively, ethically, and respectfully. 
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    The Common Sense links below are intended to support families in helping their children to understand the norms of responsibility and appropriate technology use.

    What is a Common Sense District?

    This is an official stamp of recognition from Common Sense Education for districts that are dedicated to teaching digital citizenship to young people and to taking a whole-community approach. Specifically, this program recognizes districts where at least 75 percent of their schools in the first year meet Common Sense School Recognition by using the Common Sense Digital Citizenship Curriculum, Digital Passport™, Digital Compass, and/or Digital Bytes, as well as engaging parents and educating them about media and technology issues. The district must also have a plan for the remainder of its schools to reach Common Sense School status over the next two years.