• English Learner Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC)

    The ELPAC is used to measure how well students in kindergarten through twelfth grade understand English when it is not their primary language. There are two different ELPAC tests:

    • The Initial ELPAC is used to find out if a student is an English learner who needs support to learn English, or is proficient in English. Your child will only take the Initial ELPAC one time. The Initial ELPAC score report is divided into two different areas: oral language and written language. These areas are combined to give an overall score.
    • The Summative ELPAC is used to measure the progress your child is making toward learning English. The Summative ELPAC score report is divided into two areas: oral and written language. The oral language score is made up of the listening and speaking areas, and the written language score is made up of the reading and writing areas.

    Every school year, between February 1 and May 31, all Solana Beach School District English Learners are assessed with the state-approved Summative English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (Summative ELPAC). Parents of all English Learners are notified in January of the upcoming Summative ELPAC assessment. At each school site, Summative ELPAC assessments are conducted by qualified and trained assessors who report to the district’s Director of Instructional Services. The Summative ELPAC has four domains, or sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. Information from the ELPAC helps your child’s teacher provide support in the right areas.

    If your child has taken the Initial or Summative ELPAC, you can find more information about accessing Electronic Student Score Reports here: https://www.sbsd.k12.ca.us/scores

    You can learn more about the ELPAC by visiting the parent web page called Starting Smarter, available at https://elpac.startingsmarter.org/. This site includes:

    • resources to help understand results on the student score reports.
    • access to sample test questions and practice tests.
    • no-cost resources to support learning.
    • a guide for parent-teacher conferences.

    Click here to view a video put together by the California Department of Education, designed to walk you through how to understand your child’s Summative ELPAC Score Report: https://youtu.be/au43SE_uymU 

    Click below for more information on the California English Language Development standards: