• Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

    We are excited to begin the year with our Online and Onsite Scholars. With the volume of students accessing their devices at once, there are bound to be some challenges. Please find below some technology tips for families and students.

    • If apps are not loading on student SBSD iPads -
      Please allow some time for apps to install. When Apps are pushed to iPads, they occasionally stall (the icons remain dark and faded), and the process of downloading and installing the Apps never completes.  If this happens, the process can be restarted by following the steps outlined below:
      • Delete the greyed out app from the iPad
        • Press and hold on the icon and choose "Delete App" or "Cancel download"
        • Open the Self Service app on the iPad
        • Click install on the app in Self Service
      If the Self Service app is missing from the iPad, it will install automatically on the next scheduled check-in.


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