Standards-Based Student Progress Reports and Overview of the New CA State Standards Brochure 
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During the summer of 2014, a task force of teachers collaborated to revise our district's student progress reports. The progress reports had not been revised since California’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards in 2010. Additionally, the 21st century life and career skills that have been a focus in our district were not represented on the old progress reports. During the summer of 2015, the committee reconvened to consider input from the district teachers and to make modifications based on that input.  
Revisions to the progress reports include the following:
  • The content areas for English Language Arts and Mathematics have been aligned with the state’s standards
  • The life skills section has been updated
  • The grading has been transitioned to a numeric rubric to create a fully aligned system from kindergarten through grade six, and to more accurately communicate a student’s level of proficiency in each of the essential standards
It should be noted that Solana Beach is the last district in our area to make the transition to this type of grading system. 

Click on the grade levels below to see samples of the revised progress reports.

Click on the grade levels below to see a copy of the brochure.
Overview of the New CA State Standards Brochures