• SBSD Parent Portal

    The SBSD Parent Portal provides secure, online access for parents/guardians to manage their student's demographic information, emergency contacts, medical conditions, and attendance data.
    A student verification code is required to create an account. Verification codes will be distributed to new parent/guardians when their enrollment documents are returned to the school office. Parents who presented their documentation for their students last spring, will receive a mailed Account Access Information Letter sent to the student's primary residence address.

    Student information in the SBSD Parent Portal must remain confidential. Please choose a complex password that is for your use only.
    Students enrolled after the start of the school year will receive login information at the time of enrollment from the school office.
    The SBSD Parent Portal is available at: 
      AERIES Parent Portal
    For new parents, once you have received the Account Access Information Letter with your student's verification code, click on "Create New Account" in the SBSD Parent Portal. Please bookmark this link for future use and please note that secure HTTP is required (the https:// prefix).
    For returning parents/guardians, enter your previously created username and password to login. You may click "Forgot Password?" to reset your password.

    Student Data Confirmation and Teacher Assignment 

    Prior to the start of the school year, the SBSD Parent Portal will prompt all current parents/guardians to confirm the accuracy of student information to include: addresses, parent/guardian and emergency contacts, medical condition updates; and to acknowledge school policies and authorizations for students.  Some documents will need to be printed, signed, and returned to the classroom, and these documents are available within the SBSD Parent Portal. Please login and complete the Student Data Confirmation prior to your student(s) first day of school.

    Teacher assignments for the new school year will be viewable in the SBSD Parent Portal Demographics screen on the evening prior to the August Mini Open House - please refer to the Student Calendar. The Student Data Confirmation process must be completed prior to viewing the Teacher Assignment. 

    For parents/guardians with multiple students, there is an Add New Student procedure that requires the verification code for each of your students. Student Data Confirmation must be completed for each student.

    Each parent can have a SBSD Parent Portal account for one or more associated students. Please coordinate as to which parent will perform the Student Data Confirmation process.

    Throughout the School Year 

    The SBSD Parent Portal can be accessed throughout the school year to allow parents/guardians to update information as needed and to view student attendance.
    For questions, please contact the school office.