Solana Beach School District
General Obligation School Construction Bond Overview
Measure JJ - November 8, 2016 Election

Solana Beach School District placed a general obligation bond measure on the ballot for the November 2016 election. The measure, JJ, was passed by the voters and will provide $105,000,000 in funding for school construction and modernization.

Based on input from parents, community members, teachers, and district staff, and the completion of a Facilities Needs Assessment, the District has developed a Long-Range Facilities Master Plan. Funds from issuance of Measure JJ bonds will be used to implement the Master Plan.
Cost for repayment of these bonds will be approximately $272 per year for the average homeowner in the District. In addition, a statewide school bond on the November ballot was passed by voters. As a result, the District may be eligible for an additional $20 million in matching funds from the state.

The District is committed to ensuring transparency in the use and expenditure of bond funds through the following:

  • Capital Appreciation Bonds (CABs) will not be used.
  • The term of the bonds will be limited to no more than 30 years.
  • Bond revenue will not be used for teacher or administrator salaries.
  • An Independent Citizen’s Oversight Committee will be formed.
  • The Board of Education and Citizen’s Oversight Committee will receive annual reports and audits.
  • Fair and open competition for all construction projects will be promoted.

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