• School Design Process

    Solana Beach School Distict prides itself in its collaborative approach to design educational facilities to provide equiptable, resource rich learning environments for students. With these statements, the Solana Beach School District affirms its commitment to create and maintain:

    • A student-centered, equitable environment that fosters learning, achievement, and inspires creativity for all children
    • A strong focus of the diverse academic, social-emotional needs and learning styles of all children
    • A safe environment with opportunities for enhanced student health, including appropriate areas for a variety of physical activities and increased availability of nutritionally sound, freshly prepared, school meals
    • Facilities that are safe for children, staff, and visitors during school hours, while welcoming to families & community members beyond the school day
    • Well-designed practices and facilities that shape, encourage, and foster environmental stewardship, responsibility, and sustainability
    • Emphasis on building awareness of, and responsibility for, global citizenship
    • Adaptable learning facilities built on research-based best practice that are flexible and able to support future learning needs and demands for college and career readiness in an ever-changing global community
    • Environment, culture, and facilities that are mutually supportive and meet the needs of that diverse constituency of school and community

    The design team is made up of stakeholders, including but not limited to, staff (certificated and classified), administrators, County of San Diego representatives, special education, specialty programs (STREAM, CRT, etc.), school board members, community members, and consultants. The team works together to establish priorities in design function to meet current educational standards.

    School Board Presentation - November 2019

    Presentation - The attached presentation was provided to the Board of Education at the regularly scheduled Board meeting on November 14, 2019. The presentation is regarding the Solana Santa Fe Modernization Project.

    School Board Presentation - September 2019

    Presentation - The attached presentation was provided to the Board of Education at the regularly scheduled Board meeting on September 12, 2019. The presentation is regarding the Solana Santa Fe Modernization Project. The District and architect are continuing to further develop the school design.

    Presentation- The attached presentation was provided at the Community Engagement meeting scheduled for September 24, 2019 at 6pm at the Solana Santa Fe School Fine Arts Building (FAB).

    Meetings in 2019-20

    Solana Santa Fe Design Team Meeting - August 2019 and October (date to be determined)

     Community Engagement Meeting Regarding the Solana Santa Fe School Modernization Project

    District staff, along with the project Architect, will provide an update to the Community regarding the project and will post an update following the meeting scheduled for September 24, 2019.

    Proposed Project Description:

    Solana Santa Fe is a Solana Beach School District elementary school located in Rancho Santa Fe in an unincorporated area of northern San Diego County. The original building (approximately 26,000 square feet, 10 permanent classrooms, administrative area, media center, staff workroom, staff lounge, small group instruction areas, Fine Arts Building, student dining and play areas) was constructed in 1993 serving students grades K-6. An additional 8 relocatable classrooms were added in 1994 and an 8-classroom permanent building was added in 1997 to accommodate the Class Size Reduction program. Currently, a K-6 grade school, Solana Santa Fe services approximately 300 students.

    Solana Santa Fe will receive students from a growth area in the district named Pacific Highlands Ranch. Enrollment projections for Solana Santa Fe could reach 460 students for a period of time while the development becomes establilshed. The scope of the project includes the removal of 8 end-of-life relocatable classrooms and will either (1) replace with 10 single-story classroom buidling or (2) replace with 10-12 two-story classroom building.

    Solana Santa Fe is on a district owned site on the corner of El Apajo and San Dieguito Road where traffic, parking, ingress, and egress will be a focus for the modernization project.

    Every effort will be made to modernize an environmentally friendly school with sustainability in mind.

    SSF Aerial Image

    Photo Above: Aerial View of Solana Santa Fe