Skyline Reconstruction Information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Solana Beach School District has been working on plans for the reconstruction of its oldest campus, Skyline School. The reconstruction of this facility, which is over 60 years old, is the result of the District successfully securing funding for reconstruction through the General Obligation Bond measure passed by voters in November 2016.
6/23/2017 Update:
The district completed moving the materials and furniture out of the school on schedule this week. The temporary classrooms on the lower playground have been removed.  Demolition of various site conditions are underway. Temporary fencing will be assembled and demolition of the school buildings will begin week of 6/26/17.  Demolition of the buildings and grading of the site is scheduled to take seven to eleven weeks. 
Work on Lomas Santa Fe Drive along the Skyline Property is expected to commence 7/5/2017. Traffic control will be in place.
If you have questions regarding the Skyline Reconstruction project - please call 858-794-3699 or email
6/19/2017 Update:
The reconstruction of Skyline School will begin this week. The district is actively moving materials and furniture off campus, will install security fencing and begin demolition. The old buildings will be demolished, and the new buildings will be constructed between June 2017 and August 2018.

Construction is scheduled to start the week of 6/19. The district will comply with the City Ordinance hours of 7am-7pm Monday thru Friday. Demolition and fencing will commence mid next week. The district will comply with Air Quality Control Board regulations and any dust from the activities will be mitigated as much as possible during the course of construction.

During the period of construction, access to the site is limited to those involved with the construction work.

If you have questions regarding the Skyline Reconstruction project - please call 858-794-3699 or email
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the project.

When will reconstruction take place?

Reconstruction will begin just after school ends in June 2017. The old buildings will be demolished, and the new buildings will be constructed during the 2017-18 school year. The plan has the new buildings ready for occupancy for the start of the 2018-19 school year.

Will the students stay on campus during construction?

It is important to have students off campus during construction. This ensures student safety and shortens the construction timeline.

San Dieguito built a temporary campus at Earl Warren for use during construction, why not do the same for Skyline?

The Earl Warren campus is much larger that the Skyline campus. Trying to fit a temporary campus on the Skyline property while building the new facility would create safety and construction challenges. It would also lengthen the construction timeline by at least 50% and greatly increase costs.

What options were explored for interim student housing?

The District reviewed a range of options such as construction of temporary classrooms on the Solana Vista campus, moving all of the Skyline students to campuses in Carmel Valley, building a temporary campus on the parking lot at Skyline, and finding an off-site location for a temporary Skyline campus.

Where will the Skyline students attend school during reconstruction?

We have secured an agreement with San Dieguito Union High School District which will allow our district to use some of the temporary classrooms at Earl Warren Middle School for Skyline students. Unfortunately, San Dieguito is not able to leave all of those classrooms in place for us. They must remove many of the classrooms to complete environmental mitigation as a part of the construction of Earl Warren. We will be able to use enough classrooms to house the 4th through 6th grade program, but not the entire Skyline student population.

Is it safe for Skyline students to attend school on the Earl Warren campus?

We will work closely with our colleagues in San Dieguito to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the Skyline students. Security systems and equipment will be in place, and the Skyline students will not be in the same buildings, parking lots, or fields as the middle school students. The bell schedules will remain staggered to minimize traffic impacts.

Where will the Global Education students attend school since there is not sufficient room at Earl Warren?

We have classroom space that could be made available at Solana Highlands (one of our Carmel Valley schools) that can accommodate the eight Global Education classes during Skyline’s reconstruction. This will be temporary for the 2017-18 school year only, and the Global Education classes return to Skyline with the rest of the students when the school reopens for the 2018-19 school year.

How will the Global Education students get to Carmel Valley?

The District will provide transportation for students at no cost to the families. The Presbyterian church across the street from the current Skyline campus will be used for student pick-up and drop-off.

Why move the Global Education program?

Global Education is a multi-age program, so it is very important that the classes stay together. Our district is committed to ensuring Global Education stays intact for the school year during which Skyline will be under construction (2017-18).

Do the Global Education teachers support this temporary relocation plan?

Teachers from Global Education have been on the design team for the “new” Skyline. They support temporarily moving the program to Solana Highlands and are committed to supporting the students and families during that process.