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  • Proposed Schedule:

    Design Phase: May 2017- October 2019

    Community Engagement: November - February 2019

    Select Preconstruction/Lease Lease Back Builder – May 2019

    Bond Issuance: April – May 2019

    Construction: Spring/Summer 2020-Fall 2021


    Work In Progress:

    Design Process

    CA Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

    Traffic Study

    Coastal Commission


    California Geologic Survey


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  • Proposed Project Description:

    Solana Vista, a Solana Beach School District elementary school, was originally constructed in the 1970s and is being considered for modernization/reconstruction as identified in the Long Range Facilities Master Plan. The enrollment is approximately 400 students, grades K-3. The school site acreage is approximately ten (10) net usable acres. The District plans to commence construction of this facility in Spring 2020 with the desire to open the school Fall 2021/2022.

    The school facility will have classrooms available to house approximately 350-400 students and will include spaces for special education, library/media center, art room, music room, computer room, resource specialist area, science lab, stage/multipurpose room, office complex, teacher preparation and tutoring/pull out rooms, storage, after-school care facility, hard court play areas, bus access, parking lot(s) with parking capacity of no less then 2.25 parking spaces per teaching station, vehicle service drive, serving kitchen, refuse pickup, and other aspects of a comprehensive elementary school. The campus will contain electronic and communication capacity consistent with other District elementary schools. The buildings on the site may be compressed and may contain two-story classroom facilities with interior circulation. Interim housing will be required during the construction period.

    Every effort will be made to construct an environmentally friendly school with sustainability in mind.

    Updated: 1/17/2019

    SV Site Plan Aerial View
      Photo above: Aerial View of Solana Vista

    School Design Process

    Solana Beach School Distict prides itself in its collaborative approach to design educational facilities to provide equiptable, resource rich learning environments for students. With these statements, the Solana Beach School District affirms our commitment to create and maintain:

    • A student-centered, equitable environment that fosters learning, achievement, and inspires creativity for all children
    • A strong focus of the diverse academic, social-emotional needs and learning styles of all children
    • A safe environment with opportunities for enhanced student health, including appropriate areas for a variety of physical activities and increased availability of nutritionally sound, freshly prepared, school meals
    • Facilities that are safe for children, staff, and visitors during school hours, while welcoming to families & community members beyond the school day
    • Well-designed practices and facilities that shape, encourage, and foster environmental stewardship, responsibility, and sustainability
    • Emphasis on building awareness of, and responsibility for, global citizenship
    • Adaptable learning facilities built on research-based best practice that are flexible and able to support future learning needs and demands for college and career readiness in an ever-changing global community
    • Environment, culture, and facilities that are mutually supportive and meet the needs of that diverse constituency of school and community

    The design team is made up of stakeholders, including but not limited to, staff (certificated and classified), administrators, City of Solana Beach representatives, special education, specialty programs (STREAM, CRT, etc.), school board members, community members, consultants. The team work together to establish priorities in design function to meet current educational standards.

    Activities to date:

    List of Activities and Dates


    Additional Meetings in 2018-19

    Solana Vista Staff Meeting - August 2018 and December 2018

    Solana Vista Design Team Meeting - September 2018

    Solana Beach Community HOA(s) Meeting - November 2018

    Solana Vista Community Meetings - January and February 2019

    Solana Vista School Community Meeting

               Solana Vista Community Meeting - April 16, 2019



    School Board Presentation - February 2019

    Presentation - Staff and the architect team will report to the Board of Education new findings from the latest community engagement meetings as well as present the Solana Vista Single-Story Schematic Site Layout requesting the Board of Education approve the Schematic Site Layout and to proceed to further develop the site plan through the Design Development phase of the project.

    School Board Presentation - January 2019

    Presentation - The attached is a presentation to the Board of Education at the regularly scheduled board meeting on January 17, 2019. The presentation includes an update since the October 2018 meeting, schematic site diagram of a partial two-story and a single story campus, and a traffic study update. The Board provided direction to further develop the single story schematic site diagram. 

    Slides 8 and 12 are movies demonstrating the building massing - comparing a single story with a two story concept. The board directed staff to move forward on the single story concept. Staff will be returning to the Board with further design information on February 13, 2019 at the regularly scheduled board meeting.

    SV Movie #1 - Slide 8

    SV Movie #2 - Slide 12

    School Board Presentation - October 2018

    Presentation - The attached presentation was provided to the Board of Education at the regularly scheduled board meeting on October 11, 2018. The presentation includes three new site layouts for board review and direction. The board directed further development of Concept 1 - the single story site layout.

    Solana Vista Geotechnical 3/19/2019

    The geotechnical testing performed by Placeworks was completed for the CEQA required soils review during the February break. Additional testing by Construction Testing & Engineering, Inc., will need to be performed during Spring Break 2019. The work includes the use of drilling equipment to take boring samples to assess the soil condition and compaction in various locations.

    Community Engagement Meeting Regarding The Solana Vista Modernization Reconstruction Project - April 2019

    Presentation - The attached presentation was provided to the community in attendance at the Community Engagement Meeting held on April 16, 2019. The presentation includes information on CEQA, Traffic and other Technical Studies that will be performed as part of the construction process. The latest site layout was also shared. See the Board Presentation posted below for the presentation that contains the 3D fly through model.

    School Board Presentation - April 2019

    Presentation - The attached presentation was provided to the Board of Education at the regularly scheduled board meeting on April 18, 2019. The presentation includes an update on Design Development, a 3D fly through model of exteriors, initial landscape design, and a tentative schedule going forward. The District and architect will continue to further develop the presented site layout.

    SV Movie - 3D fly through model of exterior

     Traffic Study - April 2019

    Traffic Study - The attached document is the Traffic Impact Analysis provided by the traffic engineer under the CEQA process for the Solana Vista Modernization/Reconstruction Project.

     CEQA Update - May 2019

    Presentation - The attached document provides an update to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process and timeline for the Solana Vista Modernization/Reconstruction Project.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - April 2019

    FAQ - The attached document is a compilation of questions and answers most frequently asked regarding the Solana Vista Modernization Reconstruction Project.