Welcome to Student Services

  • The mission of Student Services is to improve student performance by implementing a strong network of services and support for students and families in the Solana Beach School District. Student Services provides an interdisciplinary approach to the support of students, schools, parents, and the community.

    Our department oversees a wide range of educational and support programs, including:

    • Annual Parent/Guardian Notification
    • Attendance – Interdistrict/Intradistrict permits, residency check
    • California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS)
    • Child Abuse Reporting
    • District-wide discipline (bullying/sexual harassment), including suspension and expulsion process
    • Health Services 
    • Home/Hospital Instruction 
    • Homeless/Foster Youth Students (McKinney Vento)
    • Residency Verification
    • Safety/Disaster Preparedness
    • School Attendance Review Board (SARB) and related attendance issues
    • Social-Emotional Wellness
    • Student Enrollment
    • Student Records
    • Suicide Prevention