• Managing your child's Diabetes at school

    Children with diabetes have a lot to manage in their daily lives, including healthy food choices, counting carbohydrates, ensuring their diet coincides with their activity schedule, frequent blood glucose checks, insulin administration and more. It is our goal to ensure that all of your child's diabetic needs are well managed while they are at school and our health office is merely an extension of the diabetes management that you provide at home.

    California Education Code, Section: 49423.5 allows for specialized health care services such as a Diabetes Management Plan to be performed by trained designated school staff under indirect supervision of a Credentialed School Nurse.

    The Diabetic Management Plan must be completed by the parent/guardian AND the physician. Diabetic Plans from medical facilities (i.e. Rady Children’s Hospital) are mandatory, and the Diabetic Management Plan must be signed by the parent/guardian and included with the packet.

    All supplies and equipment (medication, lancets, glucometer, snack, etc.) must be supplied by the parent/guardian.

    It is strongly recommended that you schedule an appointment to meet with your school's district nurse to review your child's diabetic management plan before the start of the school year to ensure all of their healthcare needs are met while they are at school.

    Information regarding type I diabetes may be found on the California Department of Education website: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ls/he/hn/type1diabetes.asp