• Interdistrict Transfer Request Information

    (Transfers Between School Districts)

     An interdistrict transfer request application is required for all students who do not currently live within Solana Beach School District’s (SBSD) boundaries and wish to attend a SBSD school per BP 5117.

     For K-6 students who live outside the Solana Beach School District and wish to attend an SBSD school

    • Interdistrict transfer request applications will be accepted beginning May 15 for each upcoming school year.
    • New transfer applications must be submitted for all students who have moved out of the SBSD attendance area and wish to remain in a SBSD school.
    • Students who have been approved for an interdistrict transfer request (entering or exiting Solana Beach School District) are required to reapply annually unless the desired district’s interdistrict attendance agreement states differently.
    • The parent/guardian obtains and submits an interdistrict transfer request application to their district of residence. If the interdistrict transfer request is approved by their district of residence, the interdistrict transfer request application will be forwarded by the district of residence to SBSD’s Student Services Department.
    • School sites do not accept or approve/deny interdistrict transfer request applications.
    • Notification of interdistrict transfer requests, received more than 15 calendar days before the start of the school year, will be processed as soon as possible, but no later than 14 calendar days after the start of instruction in the school year for which the transfer is sought. Notification of interdistrict transfer requests received 15 or fewer calendar days before the start of the school year will be sent within 30 calendar days from the date the request was received.
    • The SBSD Student Services Department will notify the parent/guardian in writing of the transfer request outcome via US mail.
    • If an interdistrict transfer request is denied, parents/guardians have the right to appeal to the Director of Student Services within 5 business days of receiving the written transfer request outcome. Parents/guardians would complete the request to appeal by clicking here. 
    • If an interdistrict transfer request is denied, parents/guardians have the right to appeal to the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) within 30 calendar days from the date of the final denial.
    • Please be advised that in compliance with compulsory education law, students must be enrolled, or remain enrolled in their school of residence until the parent/guardian is notified of the interdistrict transfer request outcome. The district is not responsible for decisions made on the part of the parent/guardian to keep their student out of school pending approval or denial of an interdistrict transfer request.
    • An interdistrict transfer permit may be revoked for cause at any time, including providing false, incomplete, or misleading information.
    • Interdistrict transfer permits may be also be revoked if a student does not maintain satisfactory behavior, academics and/or attendance.

    Timeframe for District Response 

    1. The districts involved will notify the parent / guardian by mail of their decision within timeframes specified herein.
    2. Education Code 46601 provides the following timeframes for notification.
      • For requests submitted during the regular school year, districts shall respond within 30 days of submitting the request.
      • For requests submitted for admission in the subsequent school year up to 30 days prior to the start of the subsequent regular school year, districts shall respond within 14 calendar days of the start of the subsequent school year.  
    3. While an application is pending, the student must attend school in the district of residence, a charter school, a private school, or other option complying with California compulsory education requirement.  Solana Beach School District is not responsible for any decisions on the part of parents to keep their students out of school pending approval of a transfer.