BP 5117 Interdistrict Attendance

Adopted 5/20/97 
Students residing outside the District must attend their school of residence unless they have an Interdistrict
Attendance Permit approved by the sending and receiving districts. The enrollment of pupils from districts other
than that of residence may only be approved under the following circumstances:

To complete a school year when the parents have moved (after Spring Break) out of the District
during the school year subject to the discretion of the Assistant Superintendent Human
Resources/Pupil Services or designee, if class size and fiscal impact allow and if parents have not
falsified residency information in the past.
Any special or extenuating circumstances regarding the student which must be approved by the Assistant
Superintendent Human Resources/Pupil Services or designee.

An approved permit does not guarantee any specific school or program.

Transportation shall not be provided for students attending on an interdistrict attendance agreement.

This policy also reaffirms the District’s right to require of every entering student (whether on or not on an
interdistrict attendance permit) verification of residence as described in Administrative Regulation 5117. Parents
or legal guardians shall be required to complete Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury (E 5111.1-A).

The Governing Board reserves the right to revoke any interdistrict attendance agreement at any time.

Parents are required to notify the District within two (2) weeks when residency has been changed, either within
or outside the District.

If a request for interdistrict attendance is rejected, notice to the parent/guardian shall specify the reason or
reasons for this determination. The parent/guardian of a student who is denied a transfer shall receive timely
notice regarding the process for appeal to the Superintendent of the District. If that appeal is denied,
parents/guardians may appeal to the County Board of Education as outlined in County Office of Education Form
343 “Interdistrict Attendance Agreement.”
Education Code (46600-46618)