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  • A Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) coordinates behavioral and psychosocial community services while working directly with elevated cases of students who experience difficulties in educational achievement due to social, emotional, adjustment and/or attendance issues.

    Essential functions and duties of a LCSW may include: Referring students and families to professionals and community organizations for help or consultation, coordinating and delivering parent education training for educationally related behavioral health services, and developing positive working relationships with students, school staff/personnel and community members.

    What may a LCSW provide? The LCSW is a useful resource to assist students, families, and teachers address social emotional needs as it relates to the school setting and students' learning while enhancing emotional intelligence and decreasing barriers to learning. 

    How can I solicit the help of the LCSW?  Individuals who are interested in learning more should contact Rose Corzine, LCSW for more information. Collaboration and next steps are done in conjunction with your child's school site, SEL team members, site administration, and special education.

    Rosemary Corzine, LCSW

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