• BP 5116.1 Intradistrict Open Enrollment

    Adopted 5/20/97
    The Solana Beach School District has designated attendance areas for each of its schools. However, an Open Enrollment Policy is maintained to provide enrollment options that meet the diverse needs and interests of district students and their parents. The parent/guardian of each pupil who is a resident in the district may select the school the child shall attend, irrespective of the particular locations of his or her residence within the district.
    The District will annually review the enrollment options available to the pupils within the district and shall strive to make available enrollment options that meet the diverse needs, potential and interests of district pupils. Each year, a letter will be sent to all parents/guardians notifying them of which schools and programs are available for open enrollment. Parents/guardians shall be informed annually that certain schools or grade levels within a school are currently, or are likely to be, at capacity, and therefore, those schools or grade levels are unable to accommodate any new pupils under the open enrollment policy. Final determination of open enrollment and student placement will be based upon the capacity of the school, the future growth within that school’s attendance area, and possible impact on special education and other programs.
    Schools receiving requests for admission shall give priority for attendance to siblings of pupils already in attendance in that school and to pupils whose parent or legal guardian is assigned to that school as his or her primary place of employment. In cases in which the school receives a request for admission in excess of the capacity of the school, selection shall be made through a random, unbiased selection process. Transportation will not be provided outside the student’s designated school attendance area.
    Intradistrict transfers shall be granted only on a year-by-year basis. You must re-apply annually.
    Education Code (35160.5, 35291, 35351, 48980)