Technology in the Solana Beach School District

  • The Solana Beach School District has established a high priority for learning activities that challenge higher-order thinking and engage students in hands-on activities. Equal access is a key component to providing the opportunity for students, staff and the community to use technology to enhance the learning experience and to prepare students for the requirements of the 21st century.

    The Governing Board encourages technology for instructional purposes and the following uses:

    • Give students new ways to access information and practice skills;
    • Help teachers meet a wide range of learning styles and instructional needs that enable them to move from whole-class instruction to a mixture of small-group and individualized instruction;
    • Help students develop reasoning and problem-solving abilities; and
    • Become a part of our students’ everyday lives.

    The primary goal of the Technology Program is to enhance student academic achievement through the comprehensive integration of technology with student learning.