• In preparation for the new regulations, which became effective during the 2012-13 school year for the National School Lunch Program, changes were made in our lunch menu offerings to be compliant.

    Currently, California Department of Education chooses 25% of the schools state-wide to conduct a School Nutrition Meal Pattern Validation Review, which partially consists of the following:


    Meal Observation:

    Schools must be able to identify the components of a reimbursable meal, offering the five components consisting of milk, fruit, vegetables, grains, and meat/meat alternate. Of these, they must select ½ cup fruit or vegetable component. Students are allowed to decline up to two of these components.

    Lunch Meal Documentation:

    The state agency assess menu compliance with the daily lunch components requirements, and also the types of milk offered. Menu production records must include daily type and quantity of food used, number of meals planned and served.

    Lunch Certification Documents:

    Menu assessment, worksheets, and nutrient analysis submitted for certification along with manufacturer nutrient data sheets of convenience food items.


    The Solana Beach School District was randomly selected for the validation review, which was conducted the week of February 25, 2013.

     I am very happy to report that the Solana Beach School District received an excellent Validation Review and was found to be in compliant in all areas tested with a comment received from our State Reviewer “Congratulations on an excellent review.”


    Child Nutrition Department