• How to login to Compass Learning Odyssey

    1)  Open an Internet Browser (e.g., Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer). 
    Firefox Icon      Safari Icon      Internet Explorer Icon
    NOTE: Compass Learning works best with high-speed Internet connections. 
    2)  Go to the following URL: https://www.thelearningodyssey.com/
     3)  Type a User Name and Password and click on Log In.

    NOTE: School = SOLANA. User Name and Password are available through your child's teacher.
    Compass Learning Login Screen Image

    4)  Upon first login, Terms and Conditions of Use Policy will open.
    Terms and Conditions of Use  
    5)  After reading this important page, click in the Do not show again box (optional) and then click on Accept.
    Accept Terms and Conditions Menu  
    6)  The student portfolio will open. Under the student portfolio heading there are three tabs: Recent Work, Assignments and Reports.
     Parent Login Screen
    7)  At this point, the Recent Work tab is open displaying student work and progress. Click on the Today, Week, or Month button to see a summary of the student's work.
     Passport Folio
    8)  To review a key of Icons used in the program, click on the Icon Key at the bottom of the above screen. A key legend will appear showing an example of all the Icons used throughout the program.
    Icon Key Menu  
    9)  To close the Icon Key screen, click on the Close button at the bottom of the page.

    10)  Click on the Assignments tab to review the status of student assignments included.
    Assignments Tab  
    11)  Click on the Reports tab to access three options for reports: Attendance, Duration and Student Score
    Parent's Report Module  
    12)  By selecting the Attendance report, for example, three options are available to check attendance (e.g. a week, a month or a specific period). After selecting the desired report, click Generate
    Report Criteria - Attendance  
    13)  If the duration report is chosen, options are available under Subject to select a subject. Select one of three options for the length of time the report covers (e.g. a week, a month or a specific period). After selecting the desired report, click Generate
    Report Criteria - Duration  
    14)  When selecting the Student Score report, also select the Subject and Activity Type in addition to the week, month, or a specific period. After selecting the desired report, click Generate.
    Report Criteria - Student Score Report  
    15)  To get a print out of the report, click on the Print button at the top of the screen. 
    Print Button  
    16)  To logout, click on the X.
    Logout Button