• Employees of the Year

    Congratulations to the following teachers and classified employees selected as 
    Employees of the Year. They were selected in Spring 2019 for the 2019-20 school year.

    Certificated Employees of the Year 

    District Honoree - Julie Taylor (Solana Pacific)
    Site Honorees:
    Carmel Creek School - Susan Papuga Johnson
    Skyline School -  Shelley Cameron
    Solana Highlands School  - Felicity Smith
    Solana Ranch - Roderick Gayta
    Solana Santa Fe - Vicki Pilling
    Solana Vista - Natasha Moore

    Classified Employees of the Year 

    District Honorees -
    Kiki Bayisa (Solana Ranch)
    Ernesto Moran (Solana Santa Fe)
    Kristie Towne (District Office)
    Site and Department Honorees:
    District Office - Paul Gibson
    Carmel Creek - Kimmi Theoldore
    Skyline - Edith Quintero Snyder
    Solana Highlands - Tamara Landis
    Solana Pacific - Darnelle Hopps
    Solana Vista - Stephanie Labargo
    Child Development Center - Christie McCampbell (Pre-School)
    Child Development Center - Lyn O'Neil (School Age)