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Kindergarten Suggested Supply List

                                          Kindergarten Suggested Supply List
Thank you for sending the following items in a large bag with your child's name on it.
Since many items are for whole class use, each item should not be labeled with your child's name.
GENERAL CLASSROOM SUPPLIES    *  One standford sized pencil box (8" Lx2"D) Red plastic preferred
 * One box of glue sticks         * One black Sharpie (permanent) fine point     
 * One pack of thick colored markers (unscented)    * One pack of thin colored markers  (unscented)
 * One stylus for an IPAD   * one thin black white board marker and eraser
 *Last Name A-M
      *1 box zipper slide Gallon-sized baggies
      *1 package with paper plates (small or large)
      *1 box/barrel of animal crackers, Cheese-Its, Cheese Crackers or other healthy snack 
 *Last Name N-Z
      *1 box zipper slide Quart-sized baggies
      *1 case of mini bottles of water
      * i pack of white paper gift bags with handles (found at Michaels)
 * One 2" Clear-View White 3 Ring Binder 
 * One pack of 50 Plastic Page Protectors (Medium Weight, please)
 * Seasonal stickers for memory books - Please do not send "reward"stickers
       * For example Apples for September   Pumpkins for October  Fall leaves/turkeys for November, etc.)
It is helpful for your child to have a change of clothes left at school in case their clothing gets soiled:  please prepare these items in a Zip-loc baggie (with child's name: one pair of shorts/pants, underwear, socks and a hat)
Children should bring a mid-sized backpack to school each day.  Since backpacks are kept on rack, oversized and wheeled packs are very difficult for children to manage on their own.  We expect students to be able to lift their own backpacks on and off the storage racks.