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    Behavior Management Program

    Every day the children will be encouraged and directed to follow the rules for the safety and well being of all the students.  The students are encouraged to do their very best and show love and respect to one another.  Kind words and actions we be practiced and praise  at Solana Santa Fe. 
    My expectation for each child is to be kind to others and do their best work.   If a child has an outstanding day, he/she will receive a Rainbow Skies note.  If a child has a great day, he/she will receive a Sunny Skies note. If a child needed a couple of reminders, he/she will take a Cloudy Skies report home. Finally, if a child needed more than three reminders, he/she will be receiving a Stormy Skies Report and a phone call home.
    I will be using Love and Logic techniques with all the children.  It is a program that teaches children to takes responsibility for their actions and stop and think about how they can solve their problems.  I work with the children that can not come up with a solution by giving them some suggestions that I have seen other children try in the past. I remain calm throughout our interaction and give each child time to think about their actions.  If a child needs some time to be redirected, he/she maybe asked to go to a place in the room to think about their actions and get refocused.  They will be able to come back and join the group when they feel they are ready.  If a child is out of hand and and refuses to follow the rules and becomes a distraction for the class, I will call for some assistance from the office. 
      Our #1 rule at Solana Santa Fe is the following:  "All children must feel safe and be treated with love and respect."