Our Mission

Solana Santa Fe School provides and maintains a positive, nurturing, and collaborative educational environment where mutual trust and respect presides. Students are empowered to think critically, communicate effectively, acquire academic excellence, appreciate learning, develop socially, emotionally, and physically, become technically proficient, and function as responsible and productive citizens in a rapidly changing global society.

To Fulfill Our Mission

Students will master the grade-level standards, deepening their understanding of the curriculum through increased active student engagement, differentiated instruction, and the integration of 21st century learning skills: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Fundamental to Our Mission

Solana Santa Fe is committed to a shared decision making process that teams principal, parent, teacher, and students together towards a mutual goal.

Core Beliefs:

Celebrate individual differences
Your personal best
Organization built on mutual respect & dignity for all
Team Spirit
Expectations high for all students and staff

School Emphasis:

We want the students of Solana Santa Fe to:
• Feel safe and be empowered to take risks
• Be competent readers and writers
• Develop math and science proficiency
• Efficiently use technology and other 21st century learning skills - communication, collaboration,
   creativity and critical thinking
• Demonstrate appropriate social skills and sportsmanship
• Appreciate and Respect individual differences
• Have a positive self image
• Have their natural talents recognized and nurtured
• Love learning and value it as a life long process
• Have fun!