• Solana Santa Fe offers a comprehensive and balanced curriculum.  The CA State Board of Education adopts frameworks in all subject areas. These frameworks were developed by teachers, curriculum specialist, administrators, and faculty from universities, and serve as a guide for curriculum planning at the local district level. Using state frameworks as guides, the Solana Beach School District has developed standards for English/Language Arts, Mathematics, History/Social Science, and Science.  Instruction in these subject areas include a balanced literacy English/Language Arts program, "hands-on," problem solving and skill based math and science program and social science curriculum enriched with literature.
    Highly trained specialists support the teachers in presenting instruction in art, physical education, science and technology.  These subject areas have been enriched by the adoption of notable programs and the inclusion of project assistants.
    Care is taken to design a thinking curriculum to meet individual needs. It is recognized that individual students progress at different rates, even though they are at the same grade level and the same age.

    Content and Performance Standards:

    Solana Beach School District has adopted rigorous State content standards in eight areas: Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Health, Visual and Performing Arts, Science, History/Social Science, Physical Education and Technology. The District is committed to developing performance and content standards that exceed the proposed State Standards.  Solana Santa Fe uses multiple assessments at each grade level to track and monitor student achievement.  Please click here for more information on State Standards and District Adopted Curriculum.
    Reading Intervention Program:  Solana Santa Fe has a part time Reading Specialist who works with at risk students to develop their phonemic awareness, reading proficiency, reading fluency and comprehension.

    Student Study Team (SST):  The teacher and/or parent may refer a student to the Student Study Team which includes the principal, learning specialist, psychologist, curriculum specialist, classroom teachers, speech therapist and parents.  The team meets to discuss the strengths and concerns of the student and will make several recommendations to the teacher and parents in regards to classroom/home modifications and interventions. The SST process is an economic, efficient, and effective way to bring together all resources, human and programmatic, to support students having difficulties in general education classes.  SST's are a general education function.

    Technology Education:
    Solana Santa Fe views technology as a necessary tool for teaching, learning, and communicating.  The district's K-6 Technology Plan integrates technology throughout the classroom curriculum to enhance and broaden learning.  Every student has a 1:1 mobile device to support teaching and learning.  Students also receive weekly scheduled lab instruction and the computer lab technician provides assistance to classroom teachers in all areas of technology.  Each classroom is also equipped with a document camera, a projection device, and a bank of computers to enable children to have access to technology in the regular classroom.