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    December 5, 2018

    Dear Solana Santa Fe Families, 

    As a parent, I am often surprised at how much my children mimic me. Whether it is certain personal expressions, the way I react in certain situations, or my love for a certain Los Angeles professional basketball team, I often see myself in the actions and interests of my kids.

    Our children have been taking cues from us since the day they were born. Smiling is not an instinct. Your child began smiling at you because you smiled at him or her. As you all know, things that are important to you become important to them. If you value education, so will your children.

     A recent article from the newsletter “Parents Make the Difference!” echoes this sentiment. The article outlines ways to demonstrate your support of school and being educated. Some of those ideas are:

    • Build a positive relationship with your child’s teacher- The stronger this relationship is, the more your children will value and trust their teacher.
    • Attend school programs - This allows your children to understand that the school isn’t just a place to learn academics, but a central part of community life too.
    • Post important classroom dates - Tests, quizzes, and projects should be on calendars and visible to your children both as reminders and messages of their importance.
    • Volunteer - Your children know if you are willing to give your time, then school must be important.
    • Post school work - You show how you value your child’s hard work by posting it in your house.
    • Review your child’s homework - Even if you are not home to help, just by asking to see it, you show that it is important to you.
    • Keep your home stocked with school supplies - Just as you keep your pantry full, make sure that your children have what they need when they need it.

    These are but a few of the ways that you can demonstrate your feelings about school and education. Words are impactful too, and I encourage you to speak consistently with your child about school and your beliefs of why it is important. Since our children look to us to guide them and model how to think, let’s make sure we have them thinking about the right things.


    Matthew Frumovitz, Principal



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