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    Dear Families,

    The “summer slide” refers to the dip we see in students’ academic progress following summer break when many students start the year behind their peers who have continued to make gains. The good news is there are simple ways to avoid this slip and to continue on an upward trajectory. 

    Students need to read for pleasure every day! As noted in this article entitled "The Simpliest Way to Slow the Summer Slide” a daily pattern of reading and writing supports a child’s learning. Listed below are some suggestion to support daily reading:

    • Start by creating a “To Be Read (TBR) List” for the summer
    • Visit the library or bookstore to get ideas and look for a variety of books.
    • Challenge older children to read all the Newbery Award books or your younger children to read all the Geisel Award or Caldecott Award books.
    • Read books together, ask questions and share your thoughts.
    • Take books on vacation and read in the park, at the beach, or wherever you are spending time.
    • Read on a device using multiple resources such as Overdrive or Wonderopolis
    • I love these tips for parents from Pernille Ripp.

    Remember, the students will have access to Dreambox all summer long so they can continue to practice math skills. Also - it's so fun to play board games that involve math such as Yahtzee, Allowance, or Monopoly.  Learning doesn’t have to be strictly academic.

    • Register your child for a camp that may spark a passion - sports, theater, robotics, sewing, cooking, anything!
    • Take local trips to museums or take a family vacation to explore a new city. Include your child in the planning: estimate miles traveled, identify new foods to taste, and find historic sites to see.

    So - by finding a variety of ways to keep learning all summer long, your children will be ready for the fall without slipping down the summer slide.

    Happy Summer!

    Becky L. Gauthier


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