shapes   August/Sept. News
    Welcome to Solana Santa Fe for our 2017-2018 School Year!  I am so excited to get to know all our children and parents.  We are in store for a wonderful school year as we watch our children become leaders, friends, learners in all areas of study and important contributors to the community at Solana Santa Fe School.  
    On our first day of school is on Monday August 29th. We will be having a Kindergarten Orientation on Tuesday August 16th.
    In our Literacy Reading Program, we will begin Unit 1 with a new theme called Getting Ready for School  The children will be learning about the school community and their roles in the classroom. They will also learn the letter names and sounds for all the letters a-z.  We will introduce the following High Frequency Words: I, a, can and we.    We will review the writing of our names and find and locate the names around the classroom.  We will be working on identifying the characters and settings of our stories.
    In our Math Program, we will finish Module One with numbers 1-10.
    In our Science Program, we will begin to study about plants and animals and their needs to survive in their environments.
    In our Social Studies Program, we will work on the the Mindset Stances Empathy and Optimism.  We will learn about the importance of having empathy for others and being optimistic in all we do.  I always believe we can do it and give it our best shot. We will also be working with the Second Step Program which will teach the children foundational skills necessary for successful listening and interactions with their classmates. They will learn how to communicate with their peers, share items in the classroom, recognize their different feelings and learn how to show empathy to others. The Second Step Program will teach the children how to solve problems.  It is a wonderful program that is implemented in all the grade levels at Solana Santa Fe School.
    In our Technology Program, the students will learn to sign in the computers and work on Starfall.
    In our Arts Program, the children will learn how to draw pictures using different kinds of lines.
    In our Physical Education Program, we are practicing our balance, jogging, jumping jacks and exercises in our  Kindaerobics Program.  We have our Kindaerobics Program on Monday and Friday mornings and our P.E. class is on Tuesday with Coach Sean. We have a Coyotes on the Move on Wednesdays. We will be taking the children to the grass area for a run/jog/walk time with their peers. It will begin in the middle of October.   All the children will earn a charm after 20 laps are completed.  The children receive a chain for their charms. Please help your child find a safe place to keep their chain and charms. All the children love "Coyotes on the Move!"  Please have your child wear tennis shoes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
    We will have a successful year as we work together and give our children all the time, support and love they need to develop a positive self confidence to take risks and try new activities.  We will watch our children grow into being productive contributors to our classroom, school and home environments.  Together, we can make it the best year ever for our children.  They deserve our very best!
    Love always, 
    Mrs. Marilyn Tajalle