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    I firmly believe in educating the whole child by allowing time for exploration, critical thinking and collaboration. STREAM education provides a platform for students to sharpen these skills while acquiring core content curriculum. What a pleasure it is to represent Solana Santa Fe and Solana Beach School District as we embark on a new adventure!


    People often ask, "What exactly is STREAM?  I have heard of STEM.  Is it the same? What is Project Based Learning?"


    STREAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. Solana Beach School District values and embraces research and the arts as well.  We chose to integrate these disciplines within our vision of STEM education.


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    STREAM Lab instruction will approach learning in an engaging, hands-on way. Through the use of Project Based Learning activities, students will become 21st century learners. PBL is a systematic, standard-based method that identifies real-world problems: local to global. Students engage in reflective, collaborative student centered projects that include ongoing critiques and reflection by peers and facilitators to develop solutions for an authentic audience.


    I look forward to creating a learning environment filled with wonder and excitement!  Please join us on our journey by following the STREAM Lab on Twitter @NealTaunt.  Please feel free to contact me by phone or email if you have any questions!


    Neal Taunt

    (858) 794-4705


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