• Everyday Details
    If your child will be absent please notify the school office at 858-794-4751 asap.  Kindergarten students may arrive any time between 8:10-8:30 am on the Kindergarten Playground.  Supervision is provided during that time.

    Big Buddies
    Cross-age buddy classes will be working with our Kindergarten class on a regular basis.  This relationship between primary and intermediate students benefits all by providing quality time between friends, bridging the gap between older and younger students and reviewing concepts previously taught.

    Classroom Behavior Plan
    Appropriate behavior is essential for the process of learning at school.  Positive behavior is stressed and reinforced by hugs, smiles,  special rewards, lots of verbal praise and school-wide recognition/award programs.  Appropriate behavior is defined, modeled and clearly communicated.  Generous support is given as students strive to become self-disciplined.  Mistakes are viewed as opportunities for positive, productive growth.
    Character Drops will be given to fill our buckets.  Our drops have the following words written on them:  Being Proactive, Keeping the End in Mind, Putting 1st Things First, Thinking Win Win, Seeking 1st to Understand, Working Together and Being Balanced and Healthy.  We love to fill our buckets with these reward cards.  On Friday, Mrs. Gauthier draws from our drops for a special prize at our School Assembly.

    Class News
    Most communication will come via weekly as needed with an email S'More Letter, in our weekly communication folders and on our Wiki Page.
    A newsletter will be posted on our class website monthly.  This newsletter will give you important dates, event details, a review of the curriculum/activities completed, helpful hints and coming attractions.  It is our most important way to communicated details involved in your child’s program.
    Wednesday Weekly Communications/Events will be available online through our school website each week containing important school information and community event notices.
    A Wiki Page is a form of communication that will include places for you to sign up for events and hear more about what the children are doing in our room.  It is an interactive page on the computer.
    Reading Bags will sent home every Friday. The Reading Bags should be sent back by Thursday.  Please have your child read all the books inside the bag to you and then return the bag (with the books inside the bag) the very next Thursday.  Thank you!

    Contacting the Teacher
    Please feel free to contact me any time you have question or information I need to know.  You can reach me by the following numbers and web address:
    Call the office at 858-794-4700 during the school hours or before and after school at 858-794-4701.
    Send me an email at mtajalle@sbsd.k12.ca.us.
    I will create a class email list and send it to all of you.

    The homework program includes reading each night and working on the Dreambox Computer Activity and Reading Program called Raz-Kids.  Kindergartners will develop responsibility by returning both to/from school and home the following on a weekly basis: their communication folder, reading bags, lunch and snack bags and any special notes from the teacher.

    Monthly Book Orders
    Once a month, you will have the opportunity to order books/software for your child from a nationally known school book club called Scholastic.  There is no obligation to buy.  This is not a fundraiser.  It is simply a convenient source for extending your child’s home library.  Please note the deadline for ordering each month.

    Mystery Guest Readers
    Occasionally we will need a mystery guest reader to come to our class and read a story to us.  Start time will be aligned with am drop off for your family’s convenience.  15 minutes is all we will need.  You can come prepared with a book (or an oral story) of your own or you can have your child pick one out for you when your arrive. 

    Parent Volunteer Program

    Parent/Adult volunteers are needed every day.  Our volunteers allows to provide students with individualized attention and support for their learning.  Volunteers are also needed to help with field trips, holiday/cultural centers, pullout class sessions, daily class maintenance, home projects and more!  Please check the schedule tonight.

    Privacy Policy
    Classroom work is always confidential except between the teacher and volunteer.  You are at school to help children, not judge them.  Do not discuss student behavior problems.  Remember that each child is unique and working towards varying degrees of self-management.  If you are questioned by another parent, please refer them to the teacher or remind them of our confidentiality policy.  Although it can be tempting to use volunteer time to socialize with other volunteers, please remember that your time with us is very valuable and needs to be child-centered.

    Pupil Progress Reports/Conferences
    California State Kindergarten Content Standards are the foundation for curriculum development, implementation, district materials selection and students assessment.  Kindergarten issues a progress report card three times during a school year.  The first progress reporting period ends in the middle of October and our conferences are during the last week of October.

    Sharing is a part of our oral language development and audience participation skill development.  There are varied opportunities for sharing in our class. Students will have a lot of opportunities to share in the classroom during the day.  They will be sharing their work and ideas. 
    Also, they will be sharing their Star of the Week Poster with they classmates.
    Snack Program
    Each day, we will have a snack time.  We use this time to discuss healthy food choices and often find applicable links to our health curriculum.  Please send a healthy snack to school with your child each day.  We are are a "Nut Free" Kindergarten.

    Student’s Birthdays
    Students' birthdays are celebrated in the afternoon during our choice time.  We do not have food at our celebrations.  You can send
    a book in for your birthday and I will get a sticker to put in the book. 

    Very Important Person
    One child is chosen each week to be the VIP in our class.  A poster and letter goes home with you in the Back to School Folder. The letter will tell you all the things they can bring and share.  The program is designed to build self-esteem, speaking and listening  skills, leadership abilities and cooperation.