Emergency procedures are in place to insure the safety of the students during various emergency situations: earthquake, evacuation, bomb threats or intruder on campus.

    During an emergency, children will be dismissed by the Superintendent to go home only if there is time to return students safely to their homes, and parents can be notified. If a student's parents cannot be contacted and/or the parent is unable to pick up their child, the school will maintain responsibility for the student until the parent or authorized individual can pick up the student. At no time will a student be excused except to the care of a parent or other adult designated as an emergency contact on the student's file.  Please be sure the information on your child's school profile is complete and accurate in order to provide for the needs of your children. Remember to update your student’s Emergency Contacts if there are any changes during the school year via the Parent Portal – we must have accurate addresses, phone numbers, persons to call, etc. Please have at least THREE Emergency Contact names and phone numbers listed for people your children can be released to in the event of any major emergency.

    If evacuation of the school is necessary, students will be transported to a predetermined location. Parents will be advised of the evacuation site by radio announcements and/or information posted at the school site. Evacuation of the school will not be attempted unless there is no other alternative.

    In the event of an emergency, school personnel need to be involved in caring for the students, and telephone lines need to be kept open for communications with proper authorities. As a result, we ask that you call the message hot line, (858) 794-4751, which will be updated with specific information and instructions for parents.

    Each year we update, revise, and improve the Solana Santa Fe Emergency Preparedness Plan. Students and staff participate in various mock emergency drills such as fire, duck-and-cover, lockdown, and classroom evacuations. These are conducted periodically throughout the year to ensure that students and staff are familiar with emergency procedures and can respond safely in an emergency situation.