• AB746 – California Safe Drinking Water Act

    Under a new state law, California water providers will need to test for lead in local schools’ drinking water on or before July 1, 2019. The new law, AB 746, imposes certain requirements on both water providers and school districts.
    The law requires water providers to prepare a sampling plan, conduct sampling, notify school officials of the results, and conduct follow-up sampling under certain circumstances. Schools must provide access to water providers to conduct sampling. If lead levels exceed certain limits, schools must shut down any fountains or faucets with excess lead, notify parents and guardians of the excessive lead levels, and take measures to provide potable water for students.
    The new law applies to school sites operated by a local school district, county office of education, or a charter school located in a public facility. The law does not, however, apply to school sites constructed or modernized after Jan. 1, 2010, or certain schools where testing was completed since 2009 and publicly posted online
    The State Water Resources Control Board adopted a similar school-testing requirement earlier this year with a permit amendment to all domestic water supply permits. However, the permit amendment only applies when a school superintendent or other authorized school official requests testing. In addition, the permit amendment applies to private as well as public schools.
    In cooperation with the City of San Diego and the Santa Fe Irrigation District, Solana Beach School District completed lead testing of its potable water systems. Samples were obtained and tested from 7 District sites. Please click on each of the following sites below to view the laboratory results:
    District Office/Child Development Center
    Solana Vista Elementary
    Solana Santa Fe Elementary
    Solana Highlands Elementary - Testing samples were acquired prior to the 2017 modernization.
    Carmel Creek Elementary
    Solana Pacific Elementary
    Solana Ranch Elementary - The San Diego Water Authority chose to test even though the school was constructed after Jan. 1, 2010
    All 7 District sites listed above, have tested below the lead threshold of 15ppm (parts per million).
    Skyline Elementary - This school was not tested due to being constructed in Fall 2019 (after Jan. 1, 2010)
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