• Welcome to the Wonderful World of Second Grade!

    Here are some things to know when you start 2nd Grade:



    *Before school, line up on the blacktop behind the white triangle (Ms. Gusman’s class) or the blue circle (Mrs. DeGraffenreid’s class) when the bell rings.  We will come out to meet you there every morning. School starts at 8:30 and ends at 2:38. 


    *Bring a healthy snack everyday.  You might get hungry between breakfast and lunch and you'll be glad to have something to eat! The snack can just be a piece of fruit, a healthy bar, or anything else that will provide some energyfor your growing bodies.


    *We are so lucky to have air conditioning at our school, but it can get chilly sometimes.  Many children are happy to have a light sweater or sweatshirt to keep in their cubby.


    *Bring a backpack without wheels.  It's  schoolwide policy to have no rolling backpacks.


    *You may bring a water bottle, too! It's easier to get a drink throughout the schoolday and many kids like their own bottle to drink from. Please label it with your child's name.


    We can’t wait to see you on Tuesday, August 27th!