• The goal of the Art Program at Solana Santa Fe is to help the students think visually and be aware of visual ideas; to reinforce the visual art experience with an art lesson designed to teach the technique and style of a specific artist working in a particular medium. K-6th grade art lessons focus on exposing the individual to drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, textiles and art history. The year culminates in a unique Art Show in which every student is showcased.
    5th grade STREAM collaboration project:  Endangered species and their habitats.  During art class, students had to work in groups of 3 and collaborate to create an armature of their endangered animal. After the armature was created, 5th graders had to use the paper mache process to bring their animal to life. Works in progress:
    Students creating a sea otter armature
    Students using paper mache on their sea otter armature 
    Students using paper mache  
    Students working with paper mache