• Under State standards, our classroom teachers are required to provide a total of 200 minutes of physical education for their students every ten days. At Solana Santa Fe in addition to the classroom teacher’s phys-ed program, once a week all of our students enjoy 40 minutes of organized physical activity from our Physical Education Specialist. This physical education period not only teaches them team work and sportsmanship, but also provides for a much broader range of social development by teaching them valuable life skills such as successful conflict resolution and respectful communication.
    Coach Sean
    Sean Prendergast, or "Coach Sean" is back again in his 19th year with Solana Santa Fe. Coach Sean has been involved in elementary education for 27 years and began focusing on Physical Education at the elementary level 19 years ago.  Ask your kids about Coach Sean and most will tell you with a smile that Coach Sean's PE class is their favorite time of the week.

    Coach Sean has organized our PE program by grade levels.  The K-3rd graders learn a a variety of games that increase in difficulty as they progress with a focus on sportsmanship.  The 4th and 5th graders are off and running getting ready for the Coyote Cup Soccer season.  The 5th and 6th grades will participate in Coach Sean's Football League and the 6th graders will also participate in the Basketball League.