• Solana Santa Fe School Closed Wednesday, November 14, 2018

    School will not be held Wedensday, November 14, 2018, at Solana Santa Fe School in response to an SDG&E-planned power outage. Before- and After-School programs are also cancelled for the day.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Edition 1 - Pacific Highlands Ranch/Potential School #8/One Paseo

    The questions answered in the FAQ Editon 1 were received via email from the public and/or collected at the November 1, 2018 Community Meeting.

    FAQ Edition 1 - 11/7/2018

    FAQ Edition 1 - 11/7/2018 Chinese

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  • Information for November 1st Carmel Valley Community Meeting

    Please find information in preparation for the Carmel Valley community meeting

    SR November Parent Community SR Mtg 2018_11_01.pdf



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  • Carmel Valley Community Meeting Information

    On Thursday, November 1 at 6:00pm, Board President, Dr. Schade, Board Member, Ms. King, Superintendent Brentlinger, and staff will be at Solana Ranch School to share information regarding short- and long-term decisions regarding student attendance assignments in Pacific Highlands Ranch. The Board has been deliberating on this topic for over 18 months in preparation for what they thought would be a building phase-in of homes extending out to the year 2030. As you may have noticed, Pardee Homes has accelerated this timeline and expect to complete these neighborhoods as early as 2023. Thus, it has created the need to develop short- and long-term options for students and families much earlier than ever anticipated. Please click here to view the presentation slides.

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  • Measure JJ Working for You!

    Students, parents, and community members joined Solana Beach School District representatives on October 25, 2018, for a ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony to celebrate the newly reconstructed Skyline School.

    Photo of C. Brown, V. King, H. Lewry, R. Leib, D. Schade, and T. Decker by dedication plaque

    Photo: Caroline Brown, Vicki King, Holly Lewry, Rich Leib, Debra Schade, Julie Union, and Terry Decker

    C. Brown, T. Decker, D Schade, R. Leib, V. King, H. Lewry, J. Union, and J. Brentlinger holding oversized scissors

    Photo: Caroline Brown, Terry Decker, Debra Schade, Rich Leib, Vicki King, Holly Lewry, Julie Union, and Jodee Brentlinger

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  • Solana Vista School Community Meeting

    A special information meeting was held Tuesday, October 16 at Solana Vista School for parents and residents to learn specific information about the reconstruction project for the school. A presentation given by Superintendent Brentlinger opened up dialogue, discussion, and questions from parents and residents.  The next phase of the reconstruction project is to develop the schematic design of the buildings and classrooms and is expected to be completed by early December. Another community meeting will be scheduled for December or early January to review these plans with stakeholders. 

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  • Solana Beach School District Board of Education Continues Discussions on Long-Term Facility Options for Pacific Highlands Ranch

    On Thursday, October 11, 2018, the Solana Beach School District Board of Education (Board) gave staff direction regarding long-term facility options for Pacific Highlands Ranch. The Board requested staff pursue the expansion of the Solana Ranch School campus as well as the utilization of existing facilities for the long-term housing of Solana Beach School District students.


    District staff presented options to build a small school #8, expand Solana Ranch School, and/or utilize other existing school facilities. The purpose of the presentation was to receive direction from the Board to eliminate, add, or narrow specific options to bring back to the November 8, 2018, regularly scheduled board meeting.


    Due to funding shortfalls of more than $15 million for the property and construction, coupled with annual operation costs of approximately $1.3 million, a small school #8 was deemed as fiscally irresponsible. The Board will take action to officially eliminate the school #8 option at the November 8, 2018, regularly scheduled meeting. Expanding Solana Ranch School maintains a neighborhood school concept and maximizes existing fiscal resources.


    The Board gave staff additional areas to explore including: transitioning Solana Highlands School to a K-6 campus, offering transportation within the Carmel Valley area, as well as assigning attendance for the One Paseo Development.

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  • Solana Beach School District Board of Education Assigns Attendance Areas for Pacific Highlands Ranch

    On Thursday, October 11, 2018, the Solana Beach School District Board of Education (Board) voted unanimously to assign student attendance areas for undeveloped housing units in Pacific Highlands Ranch.


    The Board recognized the need to assign school attendance boundaries to undeveloped neighborhoods sooner, rather than later. Due to an expedited building schedule, the 515 new single-family homes will begin occupancy between 2019 and 2023. This is five to seven years ahead of schedule.


    Maintaining a neighborhood school concept, the importance of student safety and diminished traffic on Del Mar Heights Road were Board priorities.


    Housing units in 8A. Sendero are assigned to attend Solana Ranch School (K-6). While 8B. Terraza, 8C. Carmel, and 8D. Vista Del Mar are assigned to attend Carmel Creek (K-3) and Solana Pacific (4-6) schools. Developments 9A. Vista Santa Fe, 9B. and 9C., are assigned to attend Solana Santa Fe School.

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  • Solana Vista School Reconstruction Update - October 15, 2018

    At the October 11, 2018, regularly scheduled meeting, the Solana Beach School District Board of Education (Board) directed staff to engage the Solana Vista School Design Committee and community members in consideration of a single-story school site design. Part of the engagement process will include sharing the challenges of providing parity with other Solana Beach School District facilities while retaining green space for community use. The single-story conceptual diagram depicts how this may be achieved.


    At the meeting, staff presented the Board with three conceptual drawings: a single-story, a partial two-story, and, a two-story design. While all diagrams present a similar cost per square foot, the single-story concept allows all classrooms to have direct exterior access, and consists of an uncomplicated structural system. The partial two-story concept increases green space, but consists of fewer classrooms having direct exterior access and requires special consideration for grade levels above the first floor. The two-story concept further increases green space, but consists of even fewer classrooms having direct exterior access and has the most constrictive consideration for grade levels above the first floor.


    Board member, Richard Leib, noted part of the engagement process should be sharing the challenges with the community while imparting priorities for educational needs, student safety, parking, traffic flow, and field space.


    A community meeting with Superintendent Brentlinger, Board President Debra Schade, and Board Clerk Holly Lewry, is scheduled for October 16, 2018, at 6:30pm at Solana Vista School at 780 Santa Victoria, Solana Beach 92075, to share the Board’s direction for staff and gather public input.

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