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SBSD Student Learning Links

The following resources have been selected for students. Although the Solana Beach School District has researched each site for applicability as well as appropriate content, the district cannot ensure that each site remains appropriate at all times, remains a worthy resource for k-6 research or study, or ensure access of all sites to all students.

Students should always navigate the Internet
with parent approval and supervision

Parent and Teacher Resources

CDE K-12 State Standards - state standards in pdf. format available for download

CompassLearning- (district passwords required, School must be set to SOLANA)
SDCOE Digital Portal (district passwords required)
GroliersOnline Encyclopedia (district passwords required)
Timefor Kids Online

Wondering how to access and navigate SBSD-adopted textbooks? Try this!
Online Textbooks Resource for Parents -

The following sites are appropriate for teachers and parents. Use these resources to access worksheets, flashcards and more!

ABC Teach
SuperTeacher Worksheets - (k - 6) -A great site for worksheets. Check out the online timer and "Spaceship Math" worksheets!Great for math facts!
MathFactCafe - Free printable math worksheets for elementary age students. This site includes generators for math drills, flashcards, time and money.
Math-Drills -Over 6,000 free math worksheets and answer keys.
SmithsonianEducation- A fantastic site for students, teachers and parents
ReadingRockets (k-6) (Funded by US Department of Education, PBS, and American Federation of Teachers) articles and webcasts/videos by leading researchers and many video interviews of famous children’s authors

Fact Monster - All sorts of educational topics from sports to math and money.
Kids Click A web-safe resource for kids created by librarians.
Scholastic Kids
Worldbook Encyclopedia Online (district passwords required)
Groliers Online Encyclopedia (district passwords required)

Language Arts

Starfall -(k-2) Phonemic awareness, phonics, reading.
StoryPlace - (PreK - 4) A great online reading site. Animated and personalized stories!
Roy,The Tale of the Signing Zebra - (k-2) A great site for early literacy.
SpellingCity - A GREAT site for spelling practice and testing!
Storynory- (K-6)a fantastic resource for K-6 literature-based podcasts.
Funbrain -(2-6)
Charlotte'sWeb Learning Games (3rd) - Activities aligned with the favorite 3rd grade novel study.
Tumblebooks -online collections of books, read-along books, and online audio library (school subscription needed)
KidsSpelling Games - (k-6) Free spelling games designed to improve the ability to learn and retain spelling words. Spelling lists can be computer generatedor custom.
Bookadventure -(k-8) Sylvan Learning-created site to motivate kids to learn. This site will help students find appropriate reading, help them make booklists and quiz the books students have read.
GrimmFairy Tales -(k-6) Folk and fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. Read and hear interactive,narrated, animated stories. Children's literature and folklore classics featuring animals, princesses, magic, and fabulous creatures!
StorylineOnline -(k-6) This site offers online streaming video programs featuring celebrities reading children’s books aloud. Each book includes activities and lesson ideas.
Anthologyof Poetry - (k-12) Have your short story or poetry published! The Anthology of Poetry, Inc. champions the written word in all of its forms.
SuggestedSummer Reading - (k-5) Suggested summer reading. is an online collection of k12 multimedia author and book resources
CaliforniaYoung Reader Medal Websites - (k-6)
BookHive - (k-6) Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Public Library find-a-book resource
StoryPlace - (pre k-3) The ultimate Children's Digital Library. Explore their pages full of stories and activities for young children and old.


KeyboardChallenge -(K-5) Typing exercises for all levels
DanceMatTyping - (2-6) This is the very popular BBC typing website.
AlphabetRain Typing - (2-6)
FallingWords Typing - (2-6)
PowerTyping - (2-6) Typing exercises and speed test
ABCYA - (K-2) Keyboarding Zoo - Learn the Alphabet and Keyboard


CrayolaRainbow Room - (k-2) Your little ones won’t need real crayons to color the letters of the alphabet.
Mr.Piccasso Head - (k-6) Make Picasso-like artwork on this fun site!
Artpad -(k-6) Painting digitally has never been so fun!
NationalGallery of Art for Kids!- A great site for kids to study the masters and create digital works of art in the manner of history's best artists!


Math Lingo - Through, this math-based vocabulary game builds academic vocabulary.
Robo Packer - Through, this fun shape-game works on the turns, flips, and rotations of shapes.
SheppardSoftware Math Games (k-6) GREAT FOR KINDER AND FIRST!)
BBCNumeracy - (k-6) Activities are age divided and designed to increase number sense.
That'sa Fact - (k - 6) A great leveled math fact site!
FactMonster(k-6) Math Flash Cards (2-6)
A PlusMath (k-6)
KidsNumbers (k-6)
MathPlayground (k-6)
CoolMath 4 Kids (Intermediate to Advanced)
CoolMath (intermediate to advanced)
Firstin Math - 24 game (K-8) The First In Math® Online Program (AKA Challenge24) is a curriculum supplement that solidifies basic mathematics skills, and can significantly improve test scores.
AdditionConcentration- (3-6)
MoneyFlashcards- (k-4)
Createa Graph - (k-6) -(4-12) The world of math online


PearsonLab Bench
NOAA -including weather forecasting, tornadoes, hurricanes, greenhouse gases, and more. Click on icons to left. Teacher icon has worksheets, etc. for the site.

General Links
Bill NyeWebsite
Energyfor Kids
NationalGeographic Videos Online - (k-6)
How Productsare Made - (k-6)

Life Science

Animals of the World Games
The Great Plant Escape - (K- 6) Help detective Leplant and his friends Bud and Sprout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life!
Food Web Activity (2-4)
Biomes of the World - (k-6) A great site hosted by the Missouri Botanical Garden (MBG)
Biomes - (k-6) Hosted by Enchanted Learning
Biology of Plants - (k-6) Hosted by the Missouri Botanical Garden (MBG)
Oceans Alive - (k-6)
Penguin Science Page - (k-6) A great penguin resource. Many facts and activities for kids of all ages.
Environmental Education for Kids Online (EekoWorld) - (1-5) EekoWorld, by PBS, is designed to help children between the ages of 6 and 9 learn about the important role they can play in taking care of the earth.
Rainforest Heroes- (k-6)

Earth Science

TheNine Planets - (2-6) A multi media tour of the solar system
MoonPhase Calendar - (4-6)

Physical Science

EIAEnergy Kids Page - (2-6)
Lightand Optics
Statesof Matter - (2-6)
OnlineMatter - (k-8)

Computers and Technology

FactMonster Technology -Answers to great tech questions through Fact Monster.

Social Studies

TheDemocracy Project- PBS game that simulates being president and linksyour decisions with those of past presidents. Good stuff (4-6)
50 States -A Great database for information on states and capitals
U.S.A.Games! (5th)- shepherd software's online games for learning states, capitals and regions.Awesome.
ABCsof San Diego - (k-6)
BBCGeography skills - Activities are age divided and designed to increase Geography skills.
Ben'sGuide to Government - A kid’s guide to government hosted by Ben Franklin
Calisphere (3-5)- A World of Digital Resources - Calisphere is a service of the UC Libraries and offers collections to quickly find primary sources for the classroom or forresearch projects.
CountryFacts - Database on countries
MarinerEducation - (5th) Maritime discovery from ancient times to Captain Cooks1768 voyage to the South Pacific
AncientChina Timeline - (6)
Historyfor Kids (6) - Great resource for ancient civilizations


CaliforniaMissions - A great site! Every mission linked!

JuanRodriquez Cabrillo (4th) Information in Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo through the National Park Service
JuanRodrequez Cabrillo - (4th)
TheCalifornia Gold Rush (4th) The Gold Rush by the Oakland Museum of California
TheTranscontinental Railroad and The Golden Spike - (4th) By the San Francisco Museum

Internet Safety

Internet safety sites for Parents, Teachers, Kids, and Law Enforcement

NetSmartzKids -Created by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Provides SBSD safety curriculum


Little Fingers - (Pre K - 1) Online learning games
BrainPop (subscription required for full access) An award winning grades 3-8 educational resource offering standards specific movies, quizzes, and other fun activities
KidsMemory - Games designed to boost memory
Animatedacademic games (alarge number of games and fun activities. Low on the academic scale)
Websudoku -Logic and problem solving in the form of the game, Sudoku
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