• Solana Santa Fe provides a wide range of Special Education services. There is a Speech and Language program, a Learning Resource Specialist Program, and two Regional Severely Handicapped classrooms. All of our special education teachers and general education intervention teachers work together under the umbrella of our Learning Center.  Please click here to access our Learning Center Website or click here for the District's Pupil Services page for more information.

    Special ResourcesThe Solana Santa Fe staff strives to insure that all students, regardless of their unique needs and abilities, are able to achieve and learn the school curriculum. In order to do this, we provide a variety of special resources for students which help those with difficulties improve and challenge those with exceptional abilities. In order to qualify for these services, students must be referred through the Student Study Team.


    Learning Resource Specialist Program:  This is a program for children who have identified learning disabilities.  These children receive additional assistance from a credentialed learning specialist.
    Speech and Language Development:  The speech and language specialist maintains a program for children who qualify for help with language processing and/or articulation.  Each child receives individualized instruction for his/her speech and language development needs.