Third Grade Weekly Homework 2016-2017
    Third graders should spend approximately 30 minutes per night on
    homework that is  purposeful, meaningful, and age-appropriate.  
    Their time typically is allotted in the following manner:
         READING: 20 minutes nightly on a self-selected reading book at
             their reading level
         MATH: Fact practice and assigned problems
         SPELLING:  Study activities as needed based on weekly pre-tests
    ** Homework may also include unfinished classwork and/or special projects.
    • Knowing math facts fluently is very important in 3rd grade.  Many of the concepts that we learn build on this basic knowledge.  It is encouraged that multiplication facts are practiced every day outside of school.  An easy, hassle free way to fit this in would be to choose 10 a night and practice them while doing other activities such as eating dinner, driving from school, driving to school, or on the way to practices in the afternoon.  Practice may also be done with a sibling or other family/friends that they are with in the afternoon.  Without knowing these facts, the math concepts we will be learning in the year will not come as easy as if they know their facts fluently.  Here is a website where you can print your own set for free:  Multiplication Flash Cards