• PTO Tree   

    2023-24 PTO Board Members

    Your PTO board is here to serve the students and families of Solana Santa Fe. We look forward to your active involvement in our organization and wonderful events.


    PTO President   PTO President, Kate Afshar


    PTO Parlimentarian   PTO Parliamentarian, Frank Kephart


    PTO Treasurer   PTO Treasurer, Alison Habeger


    Picture of Kindergarten Rep  Kindergarten Representative, Nicole DeFazio


    1st Grade Rep  1st Grade Representative, Eileen Searle


    2nd Gr Rep  2nd Grade Representative, Maria Holgersson


      6th Grade Rep3rd Grade Representative, Neda Afshar


    4th Gr Rep  4th Grade Representative, Tami Katousian


    5th Grade Rep  5th Grade Representative, Anna Larsson


      PTO Parlimentarian 6th Grade Representative, Frank Kephart