• Homework Information

    Please go to our Second Grade Homework and Information page for our Team Homework Plan.


    The following is what I recommended as a third grade teacher, so it may be good to review to help your child develop good work and study HABITS!

    Students will have homework Monday through Thursday. The first sheet will be the directions, list of homework for the week with due dates, and News and Notes for Parents to read.  

    I STRONGLY recommend that you review the week's homework with your child on MONDAYS.  Then, assist your child in planning out the week around their extracurricular schedules.  Possibly create a calendar that includes their practices, playdates, family events, holidays, and then insert homework due dates in order to best complete it on time.  This is an incredible gift you can give your child to teach them to manage their time and be responsible!!! 

    If students are unable to complete the homework on their own, they should send me an email with a specific question about it - with your support. Or, they can just circle the problem and we will discuss it as a class the next day. It is likely that some other students will have the same question and would benefit from a whole class review. This is a great opportunity for kids to learn to advocate for themselves, take responsibility for their homework, while avoid any tensions at home.  The Parent's ONLY JOB is to check their work for accuracy AFTER it is completed. I check their work briefly for completeness and timeliness. I rely on you to check for accuracy.  Homework is also a way of communicating what we are currently learning/discussing in class.

    Please, please, please avoid dropping off homework AFTER the school day has begun.  I know it is painful to watch your child "suffer" from the natural consequences of not being responsible for it on their own, but I PROMISE you, you are only hurting them by taking care of it - even if you feel it was your fault.  The "consequence" may be a talk with me, a strike if this has happened more than a few times and we have put things in place to support their success, and if they continue to turn homework in late, incomplete, or not at all, we will have a meeting to discuss the best ways to support your child at school and at home to ensure their success.

    Homework is a communication tool. It should only be for practicing a skill previously taught, increasing skills and confidence, and is intended to help establish and encourage life skills for time management and organization that will benefit your child for the rest of their lives!