Answers to FAQs

  • Early Release Wednesday: We will be having Early Release Wednesday again this year. Students will be dismissed at 1:45 on Wednesdays. This is to allow teachers an opportunity to analyze student data and plan together as a team and as a school site, and to attend district-wide training sessions to meet the needs of all of our students.  

    Drop-off and Pick-up:  First bell is at 8:24 and students should be in line at this time. If you arrive after the gates are closed, please go around to the front of the school to check them in and they will be considered tardy. The safety of our students is very important! If your child is going home with a friend or an adult that you did not authorize for pickup or is not on your Emergency Card, PLEASE send an email or a note with your child. I do not release children to go with anyone that is not authorized to pick them up and I must see you before I dismiss them into your care. I will wait with your child after school until 2:55. At this time, I will walk them to the office to call you and they will wait for you in the office.

    This is from the Sunday Short from Mr. Galipault:

    Drop-Off and Pick-Up from Sunday Short

    Early Pick-up or Late Drop-off: You must go through the office.

    Vacations & Dr. Appointments: Please TRY YOUR BEST to schedule around school hours! The yearly calendars are on our Carmel Creek and SBSD websites and above and are published a year in advance.

    Plan out the week with them to ensure they are able to complete it in addition to their extracurricular activities and time with family and friends.  Time Management and Organization are LIFE SKILLS that need to become habits early in your child’s education. You managing homework for them will not allow them to LEARN these important skills. It is more beneficial to ask your child to teach you the skill they are working on and ask them questions about it. 

    Friday Work Folder: Please check this folder EVERY Friday because it may have pertinent school information, class information, field trip slips, completed projects, classwork, and graded homework. Unfinished work that I am not collecting may also be included. You may require them to complete it at your discretion. Please take the papers out and give the folder back for your child to return on Monday. They are rewarded with a Walker Buck if it is returned on time. You may also send me notes in this folder as well, in the event you do not need any immediate feedback or response.

    Snacks: Be sure your child has a HEALTHY snack each day! Recess will be at 10:15 – 10:30 and they will be hungry!  We will go outside a little early to eat a snack as our lunch time is later than they are used to, so I strongly encourage packing one. Please try to avoid sugary, processed foods! They should also bring a water bottle (that will not spill) DAILY. 

    Birthdays: We celebrate your child at the end of the day. If you wish to send in an item to help celebrate their birthday, we ask that you and your child choose a non-edible treat for all students to enjoy, as we will not be able to accommodate edible treats. We will celebrate summer birthdays on their “half birthday” date.

    Field/Study Trips and Community Service: TBD … possibly having one this year!!!

    My Teaching Experience: I have been a teacher here at Carmel Creek for 17 years and I am starting my 26th year of teaching. I have taught K, 1, 2, and 3 in three different school districts in CA. I have also taught Communication Studies courses at CSU, Long Beach. I love teaching and my pedagogy is to provide a safe, loving environment for children to thrive while also learning to be empathetic, to persevere, to understand that learning from mistakes is a key to success, and to be passionate about, and advocate for, their own education and their community. 



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