CCN Schedule


    All students at Carmel Creek participate in CCN at least once during the school year.  CCN shows are broadcasted LIVE on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 8:35. The day your student is on CCN, they will need to report to the CCN Studio (Rm. 15) by 8:20 a.m. and parents are welcome to watch the show in the Computer Lab, which adjoins the CCN Studio.

    This year, 3rd Graders will write CCN reports at home and will report either on Wednesday OR Thursday.  Reports on Wednesdays will be on one of seven possible categories: In the News, Around San Diego, Holidays Around the World, Who Am I, Book Talk, Entertainment, and Sports.  Reports on Thursdays will be on one of eight possible categories: Health News, Science News, Have You Ever Wondered, Discovery Lab Spotlight, Engineering Feats Around the World, Lego Mania and Robotics, and Can Do Kids!

    CCN Report Resource Sites

    A yellow file folder will be sent home a few days before your child will be appearing on CCN. Our class yearly schedule is listed below – please call if adjustments need to be made as soon as possible.  Changes to the schedule will not be made the week before or the week of.  IF a student is on vacation or ill, unfortunately their time will not be made up.  However, each student will have at least 2 times during the year to be a reporter AND a crew member.  Any late reports will not be accepted and you will not be included in the CCN broadcast that week.  So, be sure to turn in your reports NO LATER than the DAY BEFORE you are to appearance on CCN - first thing in the morning.   


    The Reporter is reponsible for researching, writing, and TYPING their own report on the subject that they chose.  They must also EMAIL the report to CCN News at or Catherine Lothspeich at

    In addition to our reporters, one student from each of our 3rd grade classes will be chosen weekly to be  work as a CREW member. These jobs include a technical director, two camera operators, and a teleprompter.

    All members that are selected to broadcast to be on Crew will be trained for a specific job that week and practice on Tuesdays at 1:00pm. Crew members will help with every show and should show up early at 8:15am on Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday.  Being a crew member is a privilege and students are expected to listen, follow directions, and act professionally, or they may be dismissed from their job that week.
    All-Star performances will be the following Fridays and the students will be voted on by their peers and their selection choices will be based upon the individual's report content, delivery, timeliness, and following directions.  They will practice the Thursday prior to the All-Star Broadcast on listed Fridays during the school day (all-stars and the time for practice will be announced during the school day).


    CCN Schedule for 2018 - 2019
     Students will be randomly assigned in the beginning of the year and I will post it below as soon as I receive our scheduled dates.
    October 17th
    1. Nora
    2. Kelsie
    3. Charlie
    4. Jakob
    5. Maya
    All Star Show will be on October 26th
    November 1st
    1. Gabi
    2. Eric
    3. Navdeep
    4. Isha
    5. Santi
    All Star show will be November 16th
    November 28th
    1. Lasya
    2. Sathvika
    3. Olivia
    4. Anaaya
    5. Owen
    All Star show will be on December 7th
    December 13th
    1. MJ
    2. Zach
    3. Case
    4. Roma
    5. Mia
    All Star show will be on December 21st
    January 9th
    1. Alex
    2. Zach
    3. Navdeep
    4. Olivia
    5. Sathvika
    All Star show will be on January 18th
    January 24th
    1. Anaaya
    2. Case
    3. Charlie
    4. Kelsie
    5. Lasya
    All Star show will be on February 1st
    February 6th
    1. Nora
    2. Maya
    3. Isha
    4. MJ
    5. Santi
    All Star show will be on February 15th
    February 28th
    1. Eric
    2. Mia
    3. Roma
    4. Gabi
    5. Jakob
    All Star show will be on March 1st
    March 20th
    1. Alex
    2. Owen
    3. Isha
    4. Lasya
    5. Charlie
    All Star show will be on March 29th
    April 4th
    1. Jakob
    2. Santi
    3. Olivia
    4. Case
    5. Kelsie
    All Star show will be on April 19th
    April 24th
    1. Gabi
    2. Anaaya
    3. Maya
    4. Owen
    5. Nora
    All Star show will be on May 3rd
    May 9th
    1. Eric
    2. Sathvika
    3. Navdeep
    4. Roma
    All Star show will be on May 10th