• Classroom Schedule


    CCN/Quick and Quiet/Warm-Ups  (Monday Fitness Club)

    Language Arts: Mini-lessons, Literary Response, Comprehension Skills, Language Skills: Grammar, Writing, Editing & Revising Spelling Posttests: Thursdays; Spelling Contracts: Fridays

    Recess  (HEALTHY SNACKS keep us going!)

    Math: Math Talks, Activities, Investigations

    Cursive handwriting/Read Aloud/SSR/Finish Work Time


    Read Aloud/SSR

    Social Studies/Science

    Classroom Jobs/Pack Up/Dismissal


    Discovery Labs Schedule
    Other Extracurricular Activities


    *** Wear Athletic Shoes on the days indicated!!!


    *** MONDAYS                           

    Fitness Club

    *** TUESDAYS

    P.E. w/Coach McIver                                                      

    STREAM and Technology Lab (Alternate Weekly)

    *** WEDNESDAYS                               

    Buddy P.E. with Mrs. Skinners’ first graders                            


    Guidance Meetings with Ms. Clendenin OR our class will be attending PTO meetings on my scheduled days


    Media Center and Art Studio w/Mrs. Lloyd (Alternate Weekly)

    Grade Level P.E.


    Free Exploration (Art, Games, Building, Study Hall)