Room 7 News for the First Week of School

  •  Welcome to the Wonderful World of Second Grade! Here are some things to know when you start the 2022-2023 school year:

    *School starts at 8:30.  You can come to school anytime after 8:10. If you arrive early, please go to the playground with your backpack and I will meet you outside at 8:30.

    *The school will provide a snack every day, but if you prefer something different, please bring a healthy snack from home.  

    *We are so lucky to have air conditioning at our school, but it can get chilly inside.  Many children are happy to have a light sweater or sweatshirt to keep at their desk. 

    *Bring a backpack without wheels.  Our cubbies are too small to fit large rolling backpacks.

    * Please bring a reusable water bottle every day.  We have FloWater Filling Stations with delicious water! This is especially important since the use of drinking fountains will continue to be unavailable until further notice.

    *Pack a ziploc bag each day with something you can use at choice time.  You can bring legos, fidgets, a coloring book, manipulatives, puzzles, toys etc. 

    I’m so excited about starting a new school year with you!  


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