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    November 13, 2019

    We have seen a trend of children communicating using technology tools at younger ages than ever before. Whether it is social media, texting, emailing, etc., kids today have more access to technology and are drawn by its appeal. Despite the potential for many positive experiences for children in the digital world, communication platforms do bring challenges and safety risks for kids.

    One tool we use at Solana Santa Fe is a program designed by Common Sense Media. This program teaches our students how to use technology devices safely and how to minimize exposure to cyberbullies and other online dangers. At school, students are under consistent supervision, therefore, they are at less risk than when they engage online at home. Often, children’s technology use at home is unsupervised and can lead to trouble.

    Common Sense Media offers parents and families some tips on how to support your child when it comes to cyber safety. Please review the following link with suggestions for you at home:


    Even the best intended child can face challenges in the digital world. Just like any other learning experiences, kids need guidance to navigate the world of technology. As parents and families, your engagement and oversight are critically important to your child’s online success and safety.


    Matt Frumovitz, Principal


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